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Two years in Germany

The first aspect we have to clear is what my motivation was to study abroad. Literally, I had everything in my home country (Hungary) but I wanted more. I wanted to try out how it is like to start everything from zero, new city, new university, new friends.
The first semester was the hardest since everything was new. Fortunately, I had luck with the students in my faculty. We met before the semester even started thank to our facebook group and since then we spent a lot of time together.
The flat situation is very dramatic in Germany. Obviously, I needed a condo where I can live alone in Order to be able to concentrate on my studies. After a while, I found one. With the best tenant of all times. Not only they helped me to move in but helped me throughout the whole time until I lived there.
The lectures were a bit strange, I was Used to an interactive Education with presentations and Team work,unfortunately, it was here no option.
Of course, only the best things should stay here but it is not always so cool. Everybody has here the Family and friends from Kindergarten but I don't, I have myself and That Way I need to achieve things. I only can hope that somebody helps if not I am all alone.
Okay, then 3 semester are gone 1 semester left with my thesis. So, I thought I use it and started an Internship at a MNE in Stuttgart. So again I needed an apartment, however, this time it was a piece of Cake compared to what Happened in Würzburg since I had my flat there.
The Internship started amazing, a Lot of cool collegues, we went out together, spent a lot of time together. And then stress came into the picture in form of final exams, thesis and other personal issues. So now I am traumatized and I don't know how to deal with the my problems.
The thesis was so hard and yet again I need to find another flat, this time again without a permanent Appartement.
Not only, that I need to face to usual graduated problems like job search but also a flat what I need. Everything is so unsecure, I have no idea how to get my shit together. Cleary,This is the hardest time of my life.My Friends are everywhere but where I'm, so, I am all alone with my thoughts which are driving me crazy.

Obviously, for so much trauma, I was
not prepared.

What to do next? I don't know.
I only know that I am outta control. And I am alone.
31.3.15 15:50


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