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Personality changes in abroad

When you are in abroad, your personality changes completely. The insecurity drives you crazy. You became too sensible, you don't even recognize yourself anymore. Therefore, a relationship in abroad with a new partner is extremely difficult. They don't get your problems, they look at you as you were some crazy chick. Which is of course partly true since you have to face your problems on your own and sometimes you don't even know which problems you have to face. You have so many rough patches you haven't had in your life so many. Of course, everybody has problems not just the people living in abroad but still. It feels like so hard. This is the reason why companies demand studying abroad as a requirement because when you are abroad you became tougher and tougher and you can organize the things probably better than somebody who lives at home. To sum up, in abroad you need people around you who got you, who understand that you are crazy sometimes, you act like crazy if you have a fear what to do, how to do it. Every single day is a struggle but it is worth since there are a lot of very very beautiful memories.
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